A lot have been going on both personally and professionally so my blog has suffered :)
My lovely girlfriend Astrid finished her education as a Graphic Designer in mid June and our even lovelier daughter Esther is turning 2 this September.

We had just started looking for houses in the Aalborg when out of blue LEGO Group posted a new position as Senior App Developer on Twitter.
Out of curiosity I read the job description and thought it sounded like my dream job, work for LEGO and built stuff for iOS.
LEGO is still awesome at 29 :)

A few days later they received my application and 2 on-site interviews later they offered me the job.

Fast-forward to current day, we have bought a nice house from the year 1969 in Billund, approximately 1 km from LEGO Innovation House, for which we will hopefully get the keys to by the beginning of October.

The first 2 weeks at LEGO has been amazing, it is truly an awesome place to work :)