Welcome to my new blog powered by Octopress.

This is a reboot of my blog and hopefully switching from WordPress to Octopress will make it easier for me to finish all the blog posts I have drafted in the old WordPress install.
I find Octopress more suited for me since it is out of the browser and hopefully less distracting, so far I have only productive plugins installed for Sublime Text 2.
Using the tutorial Create a Blog With Octopress and Host It in Github Pages it was fairly easy to setup my blog on GitHub Pages.
You can find the repository for this blog on mbogh.github.io.

Currently I am working on finalizing two posts.
First one is a tutorial on integrating and using Unity as a component in your app rather than using Unity for every aspect of your app.
The second one is about symbolicating crash reports using LLDB which is useful when symbolicatecrash fails to do so.

I will add an About page when I find the time between changing diapers :)

Catch me on Twitter @mbogh